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Oscar – Bigger than that

Oscar was born with a rare fatal genetic illness, MPS 6. At 19 years old he stands just 113cm high, has aluminium screws in his left leg, recently had a cornea transplant, and has survived two bone marrow transplants and a ten minute cardiac arrest.

Despite all of this he has discovered a thrilling talent for hip hop and developed a powerful and unique style of motivational speaking and stand-up comedy. His message of overcoming huge obstacles and turning adversity into triumph is guaranteed to not only inspire people, but because of his talent, humour and charm, will also truly entertain them.

This dynamite small package forms part of Zinto’s performance line-up.

Eish Hade – Sneaking into business.

Eish Hade, three young entrepreneurs from Soweto who design and make their own sneakers recently announced their first retail deal.

Sifiso Dlamini of Eish Hade came up with the brand name by accident. It stems from the moment he decided to start up the project. So focused on his vision was Sifiso, that he accidentally stood on a friends foot only to apologise by saying sorry, or ‘hade’. Eish Hade was born.

With a stunning new range of sneakers, Eish Hade has also become the official footwear for all activation teams at Zinto.

AVOJOV- #100ShoesForAlex

Johannesburg, Linbro Park. The Zinto Marketing Group (Zinto) intends to honour its commitment to give back to the community by donating new school shoes to lesser- resourced children in Alexandra Township.

Through the CSI project, #100ShoesforAlex, Zinto participated in a charity event called ‘Avojov’ with the intention of bringing joy ahead of the Christmas season to the children and residents of Alexandra.

The aim of the initiative was to donate 100 pairs of school shoes and provide learners with a sense of dignity and pride for the coming school year and Zinto helped the event organisers reach their goal of 100 by donating 20 pairs of brand new shoes.

Comments Michelle Combrinck, CEO of Zinto, “A lot of the children go to school without shoes or in hand-me-downs that are too small or falling apart. Your support can empower lesser-resourced learners and provide something tangible and worthwhile that contributes to the child’s self-esteem by giving them some dignity.”

Due to the success of the campaign, collections will continue into the festive season to exceed the goal of #100ShoesforAlex.

Zinto is urging the general public and corporate sponsors to put their best foot forward and make a significant contribution by pledging shoes in their individual or company capacity.

To make a pledge, contact Michelle Combrinck of Zinto on 011 553 1000.