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Where are your artists from?

Our artists are all home grown South African talent. We prefer to nurture South Africa’s talent and create an environment from which they can grow into what they are capable of becoming.

Who owns Zinto?

Our wonderful CEO Michelle Combrinck

Where did you get the design for your logo from?

Our logo is hand drawn and is unique to our brand.

Where did Zinto originate?

Zinto found its roots from an inherent want to change the way consumers interacted with brands, by creating meaningful conversations and interchangeable relationships.

What does Zinto mean?

Zinto means “many things” in isiXhosa.

Brand Activations

How long is a good brand activation?

The general length of one activation is around 5 hours, this enables us to get a good flow of traffic.

How far are you willing to travel?

All over South Africa and up into Africa, for now…

How do you select your brand ambassadors for your brand activations?

Our brand ambassadors go through a training process whereby the best performers are selected for the campaign. To become a promoter sign up on our brand ambassadors tab on this website.

How often do you do brand activations?

This is all dependant on the number of clients and campaigns we have running at a single point in time, it could be 1 or it could be 100.

What is a brand activation?

A brand activation is a face-to-face encounter between a brand and its current or potential consumers, with the use of branded infrastructure and brand ambassadors it creates a zone of interaction where brands are able to sway consumer purchasing decisions.

In Store

Do you offer safe warehousing for stock and elements?

Yes, we store campaign elements and sampling stock for the duration of our clients’ campaigns. We also offer warehousing facilities that are HACCP compliant.

Do you have experience in the FMCG market?

Yes, we have 16 years of experience in the FMCG market. We have promoted a variety of products, including perishables, frozen foods and hot drinks. We have done numerous cooking promotions instore, sampling a wide range of products.

What are the best days instore?

This depends on the stores, and which consumers you want to target. Saturdays and Sundays have the highest traffic in retail outlets, but Mondays and Thursdays are best at wholesaler stores. There are also some high traffic days, such as grant pay-out days, when it is particularly busy in stores such as Shoprite Checkers.

Can you come up with a concept for …?

Yes, we provide a turnkey solution to your promotional needs. From concept, to design, sourcing of all elements, POS, and promoter sourcing, training, and management of the full campaign.

How does your report back system work?

We can provide a detailed weekly report on each activation, with includes sales figures, consumer comments, competitor activity and photos. At the end of the campaign, we provide a detailed wrap up report on the full campaign.

What does it cost per promoter per store?

It depends on the campaign. Let us know what you require, and we’ll quote you accordingly. Sampling activations are costlier, as specific elements are required.

Sound Studio

When was the sound studio built?

The studio went under construction in 2011 and was fully operational by the beginning of 2012. Thus it is a fairly new facility.

Which famous artists have used the facilities before?

Cassper Nyovest, Riky Rick, Kwesta, Kabelo and many more.

How much does it cost for Mastering?

R 350 Per Song.

How much does it cost for Mixing?

R 1500 per song.

What does it cost to use the sound studio?

R 500 Per Hour.


What equipment is needed for a roadshow campaign?

To create a successful campaign we always advise our clients to make use of a branded promobile, attire and advertorial material such as brochures and giveaways.

How often does a roadshow team perform?

A roadshow team can perform every day or on select days during the week.

How many brand ambassadors do you need?

A roadshow team generally consists of around 5 to 6 individuals which include drivers and set up crew. Depending on the size and reach of the roadshow this number could increase due to setup and management requirements.

How long are roadshows?

This is totally dependent on the client and their objectives but they can vary between one month and one year.

What is a roadshow?

-A roadshow is a campaign where a select number of brand ambassadors go on ‘tour’ to promote a brand either on a provincial or national scale.

Gig Rigs

How long does it take to set-up the gig rig?

When setting up the gig rigs with standard equipment, the gig rigs take under an hour to set-up

What is included on the Gig Rig?

All our gig rigs are fully equipped with sound, staging and on-board generator. Outdoor LED screens are optional, but can be fitted on all solutions

Do you work in other provinces?

Yes, we work across South Africa and even into other African countries

Are you able to brand your Gig Rigs?

Yes, all our vehicles are fully brandable, we have installed a clip-in system to make branding simple and quick to apply

Do you only have the large gig rig?

No, we have various mobile solutions. Our 32Ton Mobile Gig Rig is our pride and joy, but we also have a 49Ton, 8Ton and 2 x 7Ton Gig Rigs, ready for your event.


Do you dry hire equipment?


Do you work in other provinces?

Yes, we work across South Africa and even into other African countries

Do you offer sound, lighting and AV engineers?

Yes, we have a qualified team of crew members that takes care of all your event requirements

Do you only offer solutions for outdoor events?

We offer a turnkey solution for all events, indoor and outdoor. We can cater for meetings, conferences, team buildings, school shows, fun days, concerts and more.

Do you outsource any equipment requirements?

We own all our equipment and offer a turnkey solution for events up to 20000 pax

Venue Hire

Do you have adequate parking and security at your venue?

Yes, we have sufficient parking as well as 24-hour security.

Do we need to make use of your caterers?

Zinto Marketing do not do large scale catering, we outsource the catering to an external company.  People hiring the venues are welcome to provide their own catering.

Do you allow weddings at your venue?

Depending on the time of day and the requirements – no noise after 8pm.  Due to property being in a residential area – loud noise are not permitted, especially at night.

What size functions can your venue accommodate?

Elephant Hall

Banqueting: up to 400 pax

Cinema Style: up to 500 pax

Baby Elephant Hall

Banqueting: up to 150 pax

Cinema Style: up to 200 pax

Watering Hole:

Banqueting: up to 50 pax

Cinema Style: up to 80 pax

What is the size of your venues?

Elephant Hall

30m x 15m x 7m

Baby Elephant

15m x 15m x 7m

Watering Hole

12m x 7m x 7m

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