Our Infrastructure

From Promobiles to full video and sound productions, we add the pazzazz to any activation and event

Gig Rigs

Is that a bird? No, it’s a plane. Uhm actually it’s our gig rigs and yes they’re huge!

More about our Gig Rigs

As the years have gone by we have bought and built up our gig rig infrastructure to give our clients various options for different needs. Whether it is a brand campaign, a concert, a theatre production, a party or a parade to name just a few, we have it all covered. There are four different options to pick from when it comes to our gig rigs.

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Promobiles and Activation Platforms

Someone told us you needed some brandable vehicles!? We own them.

Oh, stage trailers too!? We seem to have some of those in stock too.

WHAT, kitchen-tainers & Hair Salon-tainers as well??? Well what can we say…

More about our Promobiles & Acticvation Platforms

We have a large number of units to help you reach your market and be amongst your consumers. You want to talk with your consumers and gain valuable insights? This is the best route.

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Sound Production

Boom Boom Pow I know you’re loving our style, we’ve got that state of the art swagger, with our fully-fledged studio. So whether you can drop a line or bust a rhyme, we’ve got you!

More about our Sound Production

Our sound studio was built in 2014 and has been a valuable part of our business ever since. We are able to provide clients with branded songs or jingles to go along with campaigns as well as provide for artists wanting to create singles or albums.

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Video Production

Zinto has its very own video production team, known as Rusty Orange Productions. The dynamic duo of Natascha and Werner are two of the best in the business and can provide any audio-visual needs to any campaign.

More about our Video Production

Whether it be a short snippet to capture the attention of consumers or a full length production to disseminate important product or brand information in a visually appealing manner, we can make it happen.

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Sound, Staging, Screening & Lighting

Eyes and ears, eyes and ears, eyes and ears, yes we know, we sound like a stuck record. But that’s what we do, bring the eyes and ears.

More about our Sound, Staging, Screening & Lighting

Experiential learning and marketing go hand-in-hand. We like it big, bold, bright and noisy. Keep all eyes on you, your brand and your product throughout an activation.

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Sports, Music, An Inflatable Court & A Trampoline, A Freaking Trampoline, Need We Say More??

More about BOSSABALL

Bossaball is a new form of extreme sporting genius where the aim of the game like any other sport is to be on the winning team, except this sport is more engaging on the senses than any other.

Try it out – we dare you! In the meantime, here’s more info…